Monday, January 7, 2008

L.A.N.D. (Lisbon Avenue Neighborhood Development)

Welcome to the Film 150: Multicultural America blog site! This semester, we will be working on a media archive for L.A.N.D. (Lisbon Avenue Neighborhood Development). First conceived in 1988, L.A.N.D. is a community development corporation that supports neighborhood revitalization through community-based programs and initiatives. L.A.N.D.'s current service area is from Vliet Street to North Street, 27th Street to 47th Street.

L.A.N.D.'s mission statement:

L.A.N.D. is a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization. Working in collaboration with residents, businesses and partners, L.A.N.D. furthers economic and community development.

L.A.N.D.'s area neighborhood vision statement:

Residents and businesses will flourish in economically diverse communities. Neighborhoods will be safe and clean. Housing for low to high-income residents will be of quality. Residents and business owners will be civically engaged in education and social development.

Throughout your service learning experience this semester, you will have an opportunity to learn more about L.A.N.D., its history, its neighborhoods, and future projects. Here is a list of L.A.N.D.'s current programs:

Home Source Center
Tool Loan
Washington Park Partner Program
Minor Home Repair Program
Community Organizing

Your orientation materials will help you learn more about these programs. For now, take a look at "Partnerships & Nature: Loving and Preserving Our Community", a short video detailing L.A.N.D.'s service learning project at the 38th Street School.

Also, check out the blog sites created by students in the Spring 2007, Film 150 class and their service learning experience at Walnut Way.

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